Starting Over

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At age 38 I left the only career I’d ever known to start over. I had spent over 20 years in a military career and was on top of my chosen area — for that I received approximately $40,000 per year. Even though the notion of starting over when I was nearly 40 was daunting, I set a goal to earn $100,000 per year within five decades, hung up my guns, and ventured to civilian life. That was 20 years back. I hit my goal of $100,000 annually in less than three decades and went on to become a corporate manager with a salary of over $200,000 annually in just over ten decades. This guide is all about starting over.

In the past twenty years I’ve learned that there is really no starting over in life. We torture ourselves with self-depreciating ideas that we’ve neglected, wasted x number of years, or wasted our childhood climbing the wrong mountain. When, in fact, we’ve gained new perspectives, new abilities, and fresh energetic patterns. You see, you can not start over because each day once the sun rises, you begin from where you are and where you’re changes with each life experience. But, as we all know, we can not! It is the same with believing you need to start over; it is not merely a misperception, it is impossible! There’s absolutely no regression – life moves ahead!

For those who have saved your money for the last twenty years to purchase a home and you then change your mind and decide to get a ship, do you tell yourself that you’re starting over? No! You’re just redirecting your investment toward a new aim. It is the same with life. In case you’ve spent the past 20 years conducting a log mill and now you need to sell property, do you tell yourself that you’re starting over? Yes, most individuals do, and that is the faulty premise! The energetic fact is that you’re just redirecting your investment toward a new aim. In those 20 years conducting the log mill you heard supply & demand, social communications, finance, planning, and a lot of other things. All those things changed who you’re both intellectually and emotionally. Given all those countless events, experiences, and feelings, you couldn’t go back to who you were 20 years back and start over if your life depended upon it! You didn’t spend 20 decades, you spent 20 decades. You’re not starting over, you’re redirecting your investment toward a new aim. Like investing inĀ Wildlife Removal Clermont FL

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