Be Suspicious If Another Person Acts Extremely Interested

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If someone was to encounter a dog, and this dog was supposed to jump up and down, which makes it clear he was pleased to see them, there would be no reason for them to wonder what was going on. This is due to the fact that this just what dogs are like; they don’t need a reason to be warm and responsive.
However, if they were to encounter another human being who behaved in this manner, there would probably be a reason for it. Now, there’s always the possibility that this man is a close friend.

Perfectly Normal

Therefore, the reason they have behaved in this manner is because they know who they are and they value them as a person.

When they met one for the first time, they may have been polite but they may not have been as friendly as they are now. It could then be said that one had to make the other persons trust and respect until they could be treated this way.

The Main Difference

One way of looking at this would be to say that human beings need to be more discerning which dogs. If they were to simply embrace everybody in the exact same way and allowed anyone in their life, it might lead to difficulties.

This doesn’t mean that they can not be polite, though, what it comes down to is that in order for them to look after their own wellbeing they need to learn what someone is like. Not only this, dogs are usually dependent on human beings for their own survival, whereas human beings aren’t dependent normally.

Another Area

Bearing this in mind, if a person was to come across another person who not only made it clear that they were attracted to them, but was practically all around them, it could show that something isn’t right.

The other person is not going to know a good deal about them, yet they’ll act like they are in love with them. It may be as if they’ve been in a relationship for quite a few months although they’ve only just met.

From The Outside

If another person was to catch a glimpse of what is taking place, they may believe that both of these people are now together. It might just appear as though one person is more interested than the other.

One of them is going to be laid back; while the other will have a better attachment.

A Level Head

If one was to encounter someone who behaved in this manner, they may get a sense that something is not right. They might not be able to pinpoint exactly why this is, however, what will be clear is they feel uncomfortable.

Being around someone who’s touchy-feely and that gives them a whole lot of positive feedback might be pleasant, but it won’t sit right with them. What this can then show is that they are fairly secure within themselves.


For one thing, they won’t have earned this sort of behavior, and, as another person won’t know a lot about them, there is going to be no reason for them to be so interested. If one was famous this kind of behavior would make more sense, as this person would get a better idea about who they are.

Nevertheless, even if one had been in various films, for instance, it still would not mean that another person would know what they are like as a person – outside the roles that they have played. This would show is that they are projecting a lot on them, making it difficult for them to connect to them as a real human being.

Emotionally Undeveloped

Someone like this is then not likely to feel as a whole human being, and this will make them look toward certain individuals to complete them. Acting in a seductive fashion is then likely to be a way for them to pull someone in their life, thereby allowing them to feel whole.

In this case, someone is likely to see another person for a mother or father figure, not as an individual in their own right.

A Vulnerable Position

However, although someone who’s in a fantastic place is very likely to be repelled by someone like this, there are going to be others who aren’t. Consequently, if someone is in a low position and is feeling very needy, for some reason, they can end up falling for this behaviour.

It can feel as if they are the centre of the world in the beginning but, after a little while, the other person could discard them and find somebody else. At one point they’ll be on one side of the emotional spectrum, feeling really good and even special, and, at the other, they will be on the other side, feeling really low and worthless.


It might become clear that it wasn’t that the other person really liked them; it was just that they needed somebody to make them feel better. This person wasn’t looking for love – and if they were, they would have taken the opportunity to get to know them.

This will have caused you to experience lots of pain, but on the plus side, they will know what to search for in the future. If this is something which has happened to them on more than 1 occasion, it may be a indication that they don’t feel whole and complete.

What this may then mean is that they need to work through the pain that’s within them, as this will allow them to realise that they are already whole and complete. The assistance of a therapist or a healer may be needed here.

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